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Ronald Royer, composer; Joyce Lai, violin / Máté Szücs, viola / Andras Weber, cello / Kaye Royer, clarinet / Talisa Blackman, piano. An SPO/Canadian Sinfonietta co-production.

Exuberance for Orchestra, Ontario Festival Symphony Orchestra, Jerome Summers, Conductor, on Tour in China, January 20, 2012

Chamber Music

A Short Odyssey, for Cello and Piano

Capriccio (In Memory of J.S. Bach) for Solo Violin and Chamber Ensemble (Septet, for Original Instruments)

Capriccio (In Memory of J.S. Bach) for String Quartet or Quintet (Quartet and Bass)  

Concerto for Trumpets (1 Player) and Piano

Dances With Time, for Flute (with Piccolo and Alto Flute), Cello and Piano

Danza Habanera, for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon and Piano

Danzón Overture, for String Quartet

Danzón, for Two Violins, Cello and Piano

Fantaisie Impromptu for Flute and Piano

Fantasia, for Piano Trio

Festive Overture, for Clarinet, String Quintet (Quartet, Bass) and Percussion

Four Sculpted Bagatelles, for Clarinet and String Quartet

In Memoriam Frydryk Chopin for Clarinet (or Viola), Cello and Piano

In Memoriam Frydryk Chopin, for Clarinet, Bassoon and Piano

In Memoriam J.S. Bach, for Solo Violin and Chamber Ensemble (Nonet)

In Memoriam J.S. Bach, for Viola and Piano

Journey of the Magi, for Brass Quintet

Mirage, for Clarinet, Violin, Viola, Cello and Piano

Musical Angels, Variations on a Theme by Josquin des Prez, for String Quartet

Nocturne, for Clarinet and Piano

Overture to the Storyteller’s Bag, for Clarinet, String Quintet (Quartet, Bass) and Percussion

Partita (In Memory of J.S. Bach), for Violin and Piano

Pastorale, for Oboe, Bb Clarinet and Bassoon

Rhapsody for Oboe, Horn and Piano

Rhapsody, for Clarinet and Piano

Rhapsody, for Violin and Piano

Romance, for Clarinet and Piano

Sarabande, for Violin and Organ

Sarabande, for Violin, Flute and Piano (or Organ)  

Sculptural Music for Narrator, Four Sound Sculptures, Clarinet and String Quartet

Short Stories for Flutes (one player) and piano

String Quartet

The Adoration of the Shepherds, A Meditation for Trumpet and Organ

Trio for Two Oboes and English Horn

Variations on the Banks of Newfoundland, for Violin, Clarinet, Cello and Percussion

Arrangements: Film Music

Modern Edition of Baroque Music