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"This work is bold yet mysterious and talented composer Ronald Royer uses many colours in his orchestration to generate a powerful effect which audiences are sure to find stunning. "
"Travels with Mozart: Variations on a Theme from the Magic Flute. The quiet introduction is dissonant, but soon the lovely ‘Bei Männern, Welche Liebe Fühlen’ is heard. And then Royer takes the melody to cities Mozart visited—London, Munich, Mannheim, Rome, Prague, Vienna, Paris, Naples—and subjects it to imaginative variations. It is a marvel.”
American Record Guide
"Travels With Mozart: Variations on a Theme from the Magic Flute and Rhapsody for Oboe, Horn and Wind Ensemble; a most engaging pair of works. I can’t say enough about this excellent recording.”
Band World
"A Musician's composer, Ronald Royer's music is beautifully conceived, well-structured and intricately detailed. His musical sensibility, dramatic flair, and clear headedness result in new music which is a joy to listeners and players alike."
Dr. Jeanie Gayle Poole
“Thoroughly original…thoroughly engaging…wonderful mix of new music and stories for young screen-addicted five-year-olds listened with rapture the first time I put on The Storyteller’s Bag and begged for it again the next day.”
City Parent Magazine
"I definitely want to hear more from this composer."