Date: 1997

Duration: 4:00

Other Version: 1st movt. of String Quartet No. 1                                            

Mistico for String Orchestra

Mistico is a short character piece written to evoke an atmosphere of mystery.  It symbolizes addressing of the questions of modern living through contemplation.  Urbanization, loss of touch with the natural world, and the crowing together of citizenry can be combated through a return to the inner self and a withdrawing from the fast-paced throng.  From this vantage point, solutions can be tackled through thought and analysis, when an inward-seeking policy aims to resolve outer conflicts.

The composition is comprised of a set of four strophic variations which are based upon the opening soli for two violas.  A solo cello cadenza forms an interlude between the third and fourth variations.  The composition strives to contrast subtle differences in string textures and colours.