Echoes for Clarinet and Orchestra

Echoes for Clarinet and Orchestra


  • Clarinet and Orchestra (2009-2010)


Technical Information

Duration – 21:10 

Clarinet and Orchestra (2009-2010)

  1. Fanfares – 7:50
  2. Nocturne – 7:35
  3. Rondo – 5:45

Solo cl./2(2=picc).2(2=ehn).2.2./

Program Notes

Echoes, a Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra was composed to explore various meanings and ways an “echo” can be incorporated into a soloist-versus-orchestra structure.  This three-movement work utilizes musical ideas that can be echoed by different combinations of the soloist and various instruments of the orchestra, or sometimes, just by the soloist.  Echoes exploits the clarinet’s wide range of expressive possibilities and technical versatility, including the instrument’s huge dynamic range.  For the orchestration, Echoes uses several spatial and antiphonal effects, on stage as well as the placing of musicians in the auditorium and backstage.

Echoes was commissioned by the Brantford Symphony to commemorate the 30th anniversary of clarinetist Kaye Royer playing with the orchestra.  The composer writes, “I greatly appreciated the opportunity to compose this concerto for my wife.  She is a wonderful professional player, and we always enjoy working together.  The music was written in a neo-romantic style to represent the continued romance of our marriage.”

Commissioning and First Performance

This composition was commissioned by the Brantford Symphony Orchestra (BSO) supported by a music-commissioning grant from the Ontario Arts Council. The first performance was on April 18, 2010 with Kaye Royer playing clarinet, Philip Sarabura conducting the BSO and the composer playing in the cello section.

Kaye Royer, Clarinetist
Ron wrote the solo part of Echoes for his wife Kaye


Kaye (Royer) stepped away from her principal’s chair to be the soloist in a splendid new concerto written by Ron…This is a deliciously happy piece, easy to listen to, but always revealing unexpected new delights around the corner. - The Expositor, April 20, 2010, Murray Charters Read More Read More