Land of Shining Waters



(flute 2 is optional, tuba part can be played by a bass trombone)

Composed: 2018

Length: 6:00″


I composed Land of Shining Waters as a musical tribute to the history of the city of Peterborough, Ontario. The first section of the composition starts with a slightly mysterious feel representing the mists of time. A slow and majestic theme follows, paying homage to First Nations’ peoples who first settled in the area.

The second part of the composition celebrates the founding of the city of Peterborough in 1825, when Peter Robinson directed the settlement of a large group of Irish immigrants in the area. The music is based on two traditional Celtic folksongs. The first folksong, Drummer Boy, is from Nova Scotia and is played by the piccolo. The second folksong, Rakes of Kildare, is from Ireland. It is first played by a solo bassoon, and then by other instruments, including a solo violin. In the last section of the piece, the Drummer Boy theme returns, but faster, creating an upbeat and exuberant ending.

Land of Shining Waters was commissioned by and is Dedicated to the Kawartha Youth Orchestra and music director Michael Newnham in celebration of the Kawartha Youth Orchestra’s 15th anniversary.