The Storyteller’s Bag

The Storyteller’s Bag

The Children's Group (2007)

“Thoroughly original…thoroughly engaging…wonderful mix of new music and stories for young screen-addicted five-year-olds listened with rapture the first time I put on The Storyteller’s Bag and begged for it again the next day.” – City Parent magazine, 2006



Cheri Maracle and Lorne Cardinal, actors; Chamber Music Society of Mississauga (Peggy Hills McGuire and Corey Gemmell, violins; Bev Spotton, viola; Marsha Moffitt, cello; Rob Wolanski, bass; Kaye Royer, clarinet; Richard Moore, percussion); and Children’s Chorus directed by Anne Gardiner


1. Ronald Royer – The Storyteller’s Bag Overture (3:21)

2. Alexander Rapaport – Text by Mark Brownell – The Muskrat’s Dive (13:52)

Mystery Cue; The Rood Prelude; Birth of Waynaboozoo; Waynaboozoo Names the Animals; the Water Serpent; Animals Surface; Diving; The Muskrat Volunteers; the Muskrat’s Dive and Finale; Postlude.

3. Keith Bissell – Text by Mark Brownell – How the Loon Got Its Necklace (12:34)

Prelude; Kelora Dreams; The Scolding Wife; Kelora Talks with the Loon. The Wolves; Kelora’s Mystical Song; Killing the Wolf, Kelora’s Mystical Song Reprise; The Cry of the Loon; Kelora Tosses the Shells; Postlude.

4. Ronald Royer – Text by Mark Brownell – The Star Lily (16:43)

The Star Lily Prelude; Introducing the Stars; The Hero’s Journey; The Star’s Lament; The Star’s Journey; The Star Flower Moves to the Prairie; Falling Stars. Epilogue (music by Alexander Rapoport).

5. Ronald Royer – Text by Mark Brownell – Falling Stars Children’s Song (2:53)

The Storyteller's Bag Overture by Ronald Royer
  • The Storyteller's Bag Overture
  • The Star Lily -introduction

Inspired by some of the first inhabitants of Mississauga (Ontario), the Ojibway, two indigenous actors and a chamber ensemble of strings, clarinet and percussion explore some old legends with some new Canadian music written for young audiences. The album’s title refers to the Ojibway tradition where each storyteller had a bag containing items that would serve as reminders of their stories.

The Storyteller’s Bag was originally released by the Chamber Music Society of Mississauga (CMSM) with this cover


“Royer’s haunting score for The Star Lily is the most instantly captivating, but the whole disc has merit and considerable charm.” – WholeNote Magazine, Toronto Read More Read More
“With its descriptive language and wide cast of characters, ‘The Storyteller’s Bag’ could easily be used to spark children’s creativity…the stories create a world where the glow of the campfire, not the television, holds sway over children's imaginations.” – York Dispatch, Feb. 15, 2007 Read More Read More
“Both Peggy’s Violin and The Storyteller’s Bag are absolutely mesmerizing. Your children will want to listen to them over and over again, just as I have.” – Charlotte Bohn, Baltimore’s Child, May 2007 Read More Read More
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