Reveillez for SATB Choir and Piano

(1994) – 3:30                                                              

(Text by Shakespeare)

The Tiger for Choir and Piano

(1995) – 7:20                                                  

(Text by William Blake)

Other Version: SATB Choir and Wind Ensemble

We Are Rotary for Voice(s) and Piano

(2004) – 3:30

(Text by Mark Brownell; orchestrated by Chris Meyer and Ronald Royer)                                                                   

(1 vocal part which can be sung by a choir or by 1 or 2 solo voices)

Other Version: Voice and Orchestra

Fantasia on Canadian Carols/Fantaisie sur des Airs de Noël canadiens

(2016) – 10:00

For SATB Choir or SA Children’s Choir and Piano

Four continuous sections using the following carols:

  1. Huron Carol
  2. Il est né, le divin Enfant
  3. The Cherry Tree Carol
  4. La Guignolée

Other Versions: SATB Choir or Children’s SA Choir with Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, or String Orchestra