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World Premiere Recordings (Tracks 2-15)

Track 1 was previously released on Night Star, Chamber Music by Ronald Royer – Akashic Classics, AE23001.

Odin Quartet – Alex Toskov and Tanya Charles Iveniuk, Violins, Veronica Lee (1) and Laurence Schaufele (14), Violas, and Samuel Bisson, Cello.


  1.  Ronald Royer – Danzón Overture Remix, for String Quartet and Percussion (6:08) Odin Quartet, Alejandro Céspedes, Percussion
  2. Bruno Degazio – Variations on The Wayfaring Stranger, for Clarinet, Cello and Piano (10:04) Kaye Royer, Clarinet, Ronald Royer, Cello, Talisa Blackman, Piano 
  3. Brandon Walker – Pastoral, for Oboe, Violin, Viola and Cello (4:41)  Gillian Howard, Oboe, Corey Gemmell, Violin, Brenna McLane, Viola, Ronald Royer, Cello 
  4. Elizabeth Raum – Conversations for Flute and Piano (Excerpts) Lesley Duff, Flute, Talisa Blackman, Piano 
    • Greeting, No. 1 (2:00)
    • Gossip, No. 3 (2:43)
    • Quarrel, No. 4 (2:04)
  1. Iranian Canadian Composers of Toronto (ICOT) – Images, for Clarinet, Trumpet, Bassoon, and Cello
    Kaye Royer, Clarinet, Declan Scott, Trumpet, Larkin Hinder, Bassoon, Ronald Royer, Cello
    • Maziar Heidari – Dunes, for Trumpet and Bassoon (2:32)
    • Keyan Emami – Canebrake, for Clarinet and Cello (2:03)
    • Saman Shahi – Carnival, for Clarinet, Trumpet, Bassoon and Cello (2:42)
  2. Elizabeth Raum – Elegy from Phanton Drum, for Oboe, Violin, Viola and Cello (4:58) Gillian Howard, Oboe, Corey Gemmell, Violin, Brenna McLane, Viola, Ronald Royer, Cello
  3. Ronald Royer – Toccata, for Violin and Piano (4:00) Corey Gemmell, Violin, Lisa Tahara, Piano 
  4.  Rebekah Cummings – Embryo, for Flute and Electronics (8:37) Laurel Swindon, Flute
  5.  Daniel Mehdizadeh – Koozeh (Two Thousand Silent Pots of Clay), for Wind Ensemble (4:43) Winds of the Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra, Ronald Royer, Conductor
  6. Samuel Bisson – EPITAPH foratonality, Concertpiece for String Quartet and Orchestra (11:09) Odin Quartet, Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra, Ronald Royer, Conductor
  7. 11, Encore: Ronald Royer – Variations on Green Bushes, for Solo Violin (6:51)  Corey Gemmell, Violin 

The Canadian Expedition album invites listeners to buckle up for a variety of musical journeys. Written by 10 Canadian composers, these excursions are inspired by musical and cultural elements from Canada, the United States, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East. These expeditions range from the exciting cinematic orchestral showpiece, Epitaph, to the intimacy and humour of the solo violin Variations on Green Bushes. The composers use a variety of styles, instruments and themes, engaging listeners in thoughtful, and fun adventures. 

This album also is a sequel to the SPO’s first commercial album, Canadian Panorama (2017). Both albums showcase a group of Canadian composers and professional performers who are part of SPO’s extended family. The SPO is thankful for all their efforts on this album, and we are pleased to present their talents to a national and international audience through this recording.