Land of Shining Waters, for Orchestra

(2018) – 6:00 (grade 5: medium difficult)                                                                              

2+ (flute 2 is optional, tuba part can be played by a bass trombone

Music for the Star Lily (from the Storyteller’s Bag)

For the children’s theatre production of The Storyteller’s Bag for Two Actors,

Children’s Choir, Clarinet, String Quintet (quartet and bass) and Percussion (2003)

Overture – 3:20 

Music for the Star Lily (Text by Mark Brownell) – 16:45                                                    

  1. Prelude
  2. Introducing the Stars
  3. The Hero’s Journey
  4. The Star’s Lament
  5. The Star’s Journey
  6. The Star Flower Moves to the Prairie
  7. Falling Stars (with Children’s Choir)
  8. Postlude

Children’s choir (1 part) and piano version for Falling Stars by the composer


Monterey – Theatrical – DVD/VHS

Composers: Ronald Royer and Kevin Lau (orchestrated by Chris Meyer)

– Genre: Action and Adventure, Family
– Writer, Director, Producer: Wilson Coneybeare
– Cast: Matthew Knight, Robbie Coltrane, Eugene Levy, David James Elliott, Ingrid – Kavelaars

Suite available, see Orchestra Works


(harp or piano are optional; alternate parts for 2 percussionists)


(available for performance with live orchestra) – 5:30

(Animated short film by Brandon Gilbert, Sheridan College graduate)

2+1.2.2+1.2./ (harp part is optional)

Ramon the Magnificent

(2019)(available for performance with live orchestra) – 2:10

(Animated short film by Vladimir Moltov, Sheridan College graduate)

2+1.2.2+1.2./ (harp part is optional)

Reveillez for SATB Choir and Piano

(1994) – 3:30                                                              

(Text by Shakespeare)

The Tiger for Choir and Piano

(1995) – 7:20                                                  

(Text by William Blake)

Other Version: SATB Choir and Wind Ensemble

We Are Rotary for Voice(s) and Piano

(2004) – 3:30

(Text by Mark Brownell; orchestrated by Chris Meyer and Ronald Royer)                                                                   

(1 vocal part which can be sung by a choir or by 1 or 2 solo voices)

Other Version: Voice and Orchestra