Break, Break, Break for Two Choirs, Children’s Choir and Orchestra

(1992) – 7:00

(Text by Alfred Tennyson) (grade 5: difficult)                                                                          

2 SATB Choirs, Children’s Choir/4.2.ehn.4.2./

(3rd and 4th flute, English horn, 3rd and 4th clarinet and/or 3rd and 4th percussion are optional)

The Tiger for Choir and Wind Ensemble

(1995) – 7:20 (Text by William Blake)                                                                      (grade 5: difficult)                                                                           

SATB Choir/2.picc.2.ehn.3.bcl.2./2alsax.tnsax.bsax./

Other Version: SATB Choir and Piano

Un Reve Fantastique for Wind Ensemble

(1997) – 7:00 (grade 5: difficult)                                                      



(Contrabass clarinet and celeste optional)

Capriccio (In Memory of J.S.Bach) for String Quartet or Quintet (Quartet and Bass)  

(2000) – 5:50  (grade 5: difficult)                                                                                                                      

(2 versions of the violin I part: professional and student)

Other Versions: see Partita (In Memory of J.S. Bach), for Violin and Piano (2000)

A Halloween Adventure, for Symphonic Band

2014) – 6:00 (grade 4: medium difficult)