The Tiger

The Tiger


  • Choir and Wind Ensemble (1995)
  • Choir and Piano (1995)


Technical Information

Duration – 7:20  

A) The Tiger for Choir and Wind Ensemble (Text by William Blake) (1995)

SATB Choir/2.picc.2.ehn.3.bcl.2./2alsax.tnsax.bsax./

B) SATB Choir and Piano

Program Notes

Based on the famous poem by William Blake, the music seeks to reflect the power, majesty, and intensity of “The Tiger”. The music makes use of an eclectic style, drawing upon a variety of musical cultures. Especially prominent are the rhythms and percussion instruments of Latin America and Africa, such as the bongos, congas, bamboo shaker, cow bell, and the African axatse (rattle) and gankogui (agogo bells) from Ghana.

First Performance and Dedication

The Tiger is dedicated to Toronto Board of Education students in celebration of the 45th Annual Toronto Secondary Schools Music Teachers Association (T.S.S.M.T.A.) Concert at Massey Hall on April 1996.