Kaye Royer

Teaching setup for online clarinet lessons


Kaye Royer is an experienced educator, who has been teaching for more than thirty years. She is engaging, enthusiastic. and loves working with absolute beginners as well as adults and all levels and ages in between. While she specializes in clarinet and bass clarinet instruction, she has enjoyed working with students on her secondary instrument, the saxophone. She has had a number of students go on to music performance programmes at the University of Toronto, McGill University, University of Western Ontario and others. She also enjoys working with students who are interested in studying for the joy of music as well as improving their musical skill set.

She is a certified advanced specialist with the Royal Conservatory of Music and is the clarinet instructor at Bayview Glen, St. Clement’s School, Cardinal Academy for the Arts and Havergal College. She has given numerous clarinet clinics throughout Ontario, and would be happy to work with your clarinet, saxophone, or wind section. If you would like to book a lesson or would like more information, please go to the contact section of the website.

Performing at a library concert

Setting up for a rehearsal requiring an A, Bb, C, Eb & a bass clarinet.

Working on reeds