Beethoven: Symphony No. 6 (Pastoral), Allegro ma non troppo (1st Movt.), Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra, Ronald Royer, Conductor

Beethoven Symphony No. 6 (Pastoral), Andante (2nd movt.), performed by the Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Ronald Royer

Jim McGrath and musicians talk about “Serenade” from Canadian Panorama – the Winds of the SPO (Kaye Royer, soloist)

Passion Project: The Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra and the Making of Canadian Panorama

Ron Royer and musicians talk about “Travels With Mozart” from Canadian Panorama

Chris Meyer and musicians talk about “Fundy” from Canadian Panorama – featuring the Winds of the SPO

Marie Ross, August 11, 2016 – Sight reading before our concert tonight at the Chicago Historical Clarinet Workshop. The first and second players (on the left), Mason Sangster and Kaye Royer had their first ever try on period clarinets 3 days ago. Dominic Giardino, on 3rd, has been playing for about a year. Amazing to see modern players so excited about early music!!