Halloween Adventure

Halloween Adventure


  • Symphonic Band (2014)


Technical Information

Duration – 6:00

A Halloween Adventure for Symphonic Band (2014)


Program Notes

A Halloween Adventure was created in collaboration with students from the music program at Woodroffe High School, Ottawa. I had creative planning sessions with the music students, to find a music direction. The students ended up liking the idea of a programmatic piece based on a Halloween theme. The students decided there should be two main themes, a child’s “trick-or-treater” theme and a scary/villain theme. The students contributed parts of the two themes and some other musical materials. Since the music was to be programmatic, it was important to develop the musical material to give the sense of a story unfolding. I developed the piece, alternating the two thematic elements and continuously developing them to help with this sense of progression. In consultation with the student’s music teacher, Terry Duncan, I created the piece to match the technical level of the school’s symphonic band. Finally, this band, conducted by Terry Duncan, premiered A Halloween Adventure in concert.


A Halloween Adventure for Symphonic Band, was commissioned for the Making Music project (2014), which focused on creating new music, in collaboration with students, for student performance. 18 schools in the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board were involved. The project was led by Bernie Andrews, a professor from the University of Ottawa.

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