“The first word that comes to mind is Beauty.” - John Barnum, Music Director, Orchestras Mississauga


“I've enjoyed listening to Ronald Royer's music recently.  Royer speaks a traditional language and speaks it with a pleasingly fresh voice. His music successfully navigates a way through sounding familiar, on the one hand, and remaining relevant to today's audiences, on the other.” - Keith Horner, CBC Producer

On A Nightingale's Rhapsody (Romance and Rhapsody)

“Ronald Royer's skillful and sensitive writing for the clarinet is as superbly idiomatic as the string scoring. It is simply some of the most ravishing and engaging new music to emerge in some years.” - Jerome Summers

On Love’s Labour, for Mezzo Soprano, Tenor, Clarinet and String Quartet:

“I really like this song cycle.  Ron Royer has carefully selected the texts from Shakespeare and woven them together with music that both echoes the past and lives in the present.  I think you will enjoy it too.” -Keith Horner, CBC Producer, from CBC broadcast

On Overture to an Unscripted Movie for Orchestra:

“Expertly orchestrated, this score makes the orchestra “ring” at its best…Our public and our musicians enthusiastically received it, and I certainly had a great time conducting it.” - Daniel Swift, Music Director, Niagara Symphony

“A real winner for concert audiences, an “Overture to an Unscripted Movie” is a blend of a big Hollywood film score and a symphonic tone poem. A keen dramatic flair, expert craftsmanship and a sensitivity for the tradition of the “Hollywood Sound” combine to create a highly enjoyable listening experience.” - Jeannie Pool, former Executive Director for the Film Music Society, Los Angeles Music Producer and Musicologist

“In the “Overture to an Unscripted Movie”, I admire Ron’s imagination, as well as his ability of combining a perfect musical structure with very attractive musical sounds. Thanks to this combination, the Overture was a hit with the audience.” - Matthew Jaskiewicz, Music Director, Toronto Sinfonietta

“It’s quite an interesting piece, a tribute to Hollywood composers…It takes the usual Hollywood approach: there’s a love theme, heroes and villains and a fight. There’s a lot of interesting things there; it’s tongue-in-cheek in a lot of ways.” – The Standard, St. Catharines-Niagara

On Journey, for Cello and Orchestra:

“Everybody loved it, including the orchestra, and they’re not easily impressed. It’s really accessible, it’s not hokey and it has a new language to it.” - Simon Fryer, cellist

On Partita for Violin and Chamber Orchestra:

“I had the wonderful opportunity of working with Ronald Royer on a piece he wrote for me and which I premiered. The experience was one that proved both interesting and enjoyable, culminating in the production of a work of considerable attractiveness and originality. Ron’s music is able to strike an appealing balance between tradition and distinctness of style: it is full of innovative thought and yet able to maintain a comfortable rapport with expectation in listening. A composer of much interest.” - Catherine Manoukian, violinist