The Hollywood Flute

Commissioned by Louise DiTullio for The Hollywood Flute CD Recording and Concerts, Short Stories was composed to showcase the varied tone colors and techniques of the alto flute, bass flute, flute and piccolo. During her career as a free-lance musician in the studios of Los Angeles, Louise has regularly been asked to play these four unique instruments. As well, Short Stories was designed to connect with the style and programmatic content of the film music theme of The Hollywood Flute project.

Siren's Song for alto flute was inspired by the many great scores for Film Noir movies. The composer felt the hauntingly beautiful sound of the alto flute was a perfect fit for the classic femme fatale character of this genre.

Rather Blue for bass flute was inspired by blues and jazz; two musical idioms commonly found in film music. While the bass flute can be found in jazzy scores by composers like Henry Mancini, it is unusual to find the instrument playing quite so many notes as found in this challenging piece.

While the solo flute is usually not the featured instrument heard during dramatic chase scenes, The Chase was composed to demonstrate that the flute can play with the flair and virtuosity needed to create the tension required for effective 'chase' music. Imagine a scene featuring a chase on foot through the narrow streets of a crowded city.

Child's Play for piccolo was inspired by the qualities of magical imagination and youthful enthusiasm commonly found in music associated with children in film. Louise specifically requested that the movement for piccolo feature the less commonly used melodic aspect of the piccolo as well as the typical virtuosic side of the instrument.

~Suite from Hook—John Williams, arr. for flute and chamber orchestra by Mark Watters

~Suite from Dances with Wolves—John Barry, arr. for flute & string orchestra by Ronald Royer

~Themes from Charlotte’s Web—Danny Elfman, arr. for flute & chamber orchestra by R. Royer

~Theme from Sleeping with the Enemy—Jerry Goldsmith, arr. for flute and chamber orchestra by R. Royer

~The Piper at the Gates of Dawn—Laurence Rosenthal, for unaccompanied flute

~Short Stories—Ronald Royer

Siren's Song for alto flute (4:07) (Click to Play play)

Rather Blue for bass flute (optional for flute) (3:23) (Click to Play play)

The Chase for flute (2:55) (Click to Play play)

Child's Play for piccolo (3:24) (Click to Play play)

~ Theme from Rudy—Jerry Goldsmith, arr. for flute & chamber orchestra by R. Royer